Towards the Creation of a Competitive, Diversified Energy Portfolio for Electricity Generating Companies in EU Energy Market Conditions

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Volume 1, Issue 1, p.3-20 (2017)


AHP, Analytic Hierarchy Process, decision making theory, electricity generation source, hierarchy, Information Technologies, system analysis


Leading electricity generating enterprises in the European Union (EU) diversify their energy portfolio. This study aims to deliver ranking of the set of possible electricity generation sources. The energy sector is one of the sectors of critical infrastructure (CI), and competitive, secure and sustainable delivery of electricity is one of the main objectives of the Energy Community. To achieve this, companies need to prioritise between different electricity generation sources, which is the focus of this paper.
The study utilizes the method of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which allows explaining which alternative best meets the needs of the companies from both an expert point of view and through the mechanism of quantitative assessment. Moreover, a system of the main factors, which have to be considered when evaluating a choice among electricity sources, is being created. The procedures performed in the study create the basis for analysing the feasibility of using the source of electricity generation for diversification of the energy portfolio at corporate level.

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